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Deck13 announces To Hell with Hell coming in July 2018

Published: 22:02, 25 June 2018
Screenshot of Deck13's dungeon crawler To Hell With Hell
To Hell With Hell

Deck13 and Lazurite Games have announced today that their delightful little dungeon crawler To Hell with Hell is heading into early access on 19 July 2018, when we'll get a proper taste of what already promises to be a very engaging story.

The dev properly describes the game as tongue in cheek, because the story is definitely something to behold. Namely, a stripper called Natasia is caught in the middle of Hell, the actual one, not the figurative kind.

As she's trying to get to work, ahem, the proverbial kind of hell breaks loose and brings about the literal kind, as planet Earth finally sees the end of days. She soon finds herself at the gates of hell and the only thing left to do is to somehow make it out of the burning pit.

I know, you're probably asking yourself the same thing I did - why in the world would she want to go back, surely it can't be worse than back there? I can't say I have an answer to that, which is precisely why I'm incredibly drawn to To Hell with Hell. The power of writing I guess.

Anyway, Deck13 threw in masks as well, because wearing bikinis apparently makes masks "super effective, transforming you into a knight, a demon or even a clown." To Hell With Hell will come with a bunch of weapons, some of which promise deliciously weird options such as rainbow-vomiting unicorn heads. "SERIOUSLY", the developers added.

To Hell with Hell has procedurally generated levels, which are practically randomized after every death. That way, damnation and suffering wont ever get stale. Deck13 are already warning players to expect a lot of deaths so procedurally generated levels should help keep wicked souls on their toes. Or high heels, whatever, I'm no expert in hell-outbound stripperdom.

Most of the game seems to be reserved for hellish settings, although To Hell with Hell will span other locations as well. The reasons for other locations are "reasons". Seems legit.

Deck13 Screenshot of Deck13's dungeon crawler game To Hell With Hell To Hell With Hell

We've already set our sights on helping Natasia dungeon crawl out of there and we can't wait to see whether To Hell with Hell's gaming component matches the quality of work done by the story department. I hope To Hell it does.

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