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Cyberpunk 2077 leaks and reveals, release date not yet available

Published: 07:03, 06 April 2018
Updated: 09:47, 27 August 2018
CD Projekt Red
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Cyberpunk 2077

Somewhere in Poland, CD Projekt Red are slowly leaking more and more information about Cyberpunk 2077. The studio's android herding follow-up to The Witcher will be retiring your spare time sometime before 2077. Here's what we know so far.

Cyberpunk 2077 has proven in the past that its popularity attracts leaks at the same rate PUBG Corp are shelling out lawsuits and most of these leaks turn out to be false. E3 2018 has shed light on many such false alarms so these are the facts and still plausible rumours regarding the game all in one place.

A release date is still unknown. It's safe to say Cyberpunk 2077 is not coming in 2018 nor early 2019 since Adam Kiciński has confirmed that the game is not even testing, and the gameplay demo shown behind closed doors at E3 was the most polished part of the game.

Considering that even the most polished part crashed mid-way through, on a , the game's release seems to be at least a year away, at the very least. That said, there are also no official plans to show the game at Gamescom 2018.

The final product's system requirements may not be as high as in the article linked above though, as Alicja, the community manager who revealed the specs, mentioned that the demo build was not optimised. It's worth noting that The Witcher 3 also had rather high system requirements back at launch.

Cyberpunk 2077's setting will be poverty and violence filled Night City, as you probably know from the E3 trailer. The city itself is divided into 10 zones, with alphabetic designations from A to J. Zones from A to C form the Downtown area, zone D is the most violent and crime-ridden of them all and is aptly named the Combat Zone. Now you know where that theater in Fallout 4 gets the name from.

CD Projekt Red A picture of Night City's streets from Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077

The remaining zones, from E to J are the suburban areas that hold the high end executive estates, military training centres, company factories and other facilities. CD Projekt Red have stated that there will be no loading screens in the game so it is to be expected that these areas will seamlessly weave into one another as you traverse the Night City, but each of them should still have their own distinct traits.

Many fans were somewhat discouraged when they heard that Cyberpunk will be played in first person perspective as it may gimp the game's customisation aspects. CD Projekt Red addressed this topic by stating that there will be third person sequences in the game, but they will be limited to cutscenes.

All dialogue will also be done in first person perspective in order to preserve immersion. To that end, players will also be able to see their limbs when running, vaulting and jumping around. This means when you look down, you will see your character's legs instead of getting the feeling you're a floating apparition.

CD Projekt Red Some highly enhanced guy is holding a gun in an apartment Cyberpunk 2077 - No third person shooting. You can shoot every third person you see though.

The developers have also stated that the game will not be a first person shooter with RPG elements, but rather an RPG with first person shooting elements, hinting at their focus on immersion over gameplay. That said, news outlets that saw the gameplay demo confirmed that the shooting elements also feel good.

For example, CD Projekt Red are aiming to move the bar up with Cyberpunk 2077's cover system. It will not be a "sticky" cover system we know from games like GTA, The Division and Gears of War. Players will go into cover as they normally would in real life and pressing the button to aim down sights will make their character peek around whichever corner is closest to their sights. Dismemberment will also happen in combat and CD Projekt Red confirmed enemies will be able to fight players even after their limbs have been shot off. 

As far as the customisation goes, players will get to create their character from the ground up. This means full character creation, including a choice of which gender to play as and both genders are fully voiced. The protagonist will be known simply as "V", and they will be able to enhance their body with various implants over the course of the game.

CD Projekt Red A freak show is putting mascara on while her mechanical jaw is on the table Cyberpunk 2077

Some of these implants will be required in order to progress through the story but most of them are completely optional. CD Projekt Red also addressed the opposite side of the implant spectrum by stating that there will be a limit to how much cyberware V can instal, hinting that the game will prevent players from installing too many and going .

It is unknown whether it will be possible to customise vehicles but Kyle Rowley, associate design director at CD Projekt Red, has confirmed that players will be able to drive and steal other cars. On that note, players will not be able to take flying cars for a joyride, except for a few missions. This is probably a compromise made to accommodate seamless area transition.

CD Projekt Red Mercenary is looking at the Night City while sitting on his car Cyberpunk 2077

He has also mentioned that CD Projekt Red are aiming to make weapons "feel meaningful" but they also want players to carry a variety at the same time. Rowley has also confirmed there will be different weapon rarities, but it is unknown how much of a difference rare weapons will make.

More info is bound to pop up in near future, all of which will be relayed here. However, if you feel like hunting for it yourself, you may want to check Cyberpunk 2077's official forums, and more importantly . It is compiling official information specifically, so it's also a good way to avoid baseless rumours. 

The game also has an official Discord channel if you feel like seeing what other fans are up to, as well as more official news. Information on how to connect and any more media can be found at Cyberpunk 2077's . Then again, you can also check this article from time to time for any updates.

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