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Coming soon to Game Pass: Hitman Trilogy, R6 Siege, R6 Extraction, Windjammers 2 and more

Published: 11:29, 18 January 2022
Xbox Game Pass titles for the second part of January 2022
Xbox Game Pass titles for the second part of January 2022

January 2022 has been quite a month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and it's getting even better with a fresh batch of new additions. 

Xbox are yet to officially announce the new slate of games that will be joining their subscription service Game Pass this month. However, what appears to be an official Xbox graphic, showcasing the games has surfaced online.

The list looks pretty legit since it includes all previously confirmed Game Pass releases like Hitman Trilogy and Rainbow Six Extraction.

Here are the games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass over the next couple of weeks:

  • Rainbow Six Extraction - Cloud, Console and PC (Day One release)
  • Hitman Trilogy - Cloud, Console and PC (Day one release)
  • Death's Door - Cloud, Console and PC
  • Nobody Save the World - Cloud, Console and PC
  • Pupperazzi - Cloud, Console and PC (Day one release)
  • Windjammers 2 - Cloud, Console and PC (Day one release)
  • Taikono Tatsusin: The Drummaster - Console and PC
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition - PC
  • Taikono Tatsusin: The Drummaster - Cloud, Console and PC (Available Now)

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All in all, that's a pretty strong start of the year for Game Pass. Players will certainly be ecstatic to get so many day one releases and our personal pick is the Hitman Trilogy, which we can't wait to play when it launches on January 20. 

Game Pass subscription service is available on Xbox consoles, PC and mobile. For pricing, full library of games and other details, check out Xbox's website.

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