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After Stardew Valley, Chucklefish are publishing Starmancer

Published: 17:30, 12 March 2018
Ominux Games
Space station base cells shown in Starmancer video game.

Starmancer is a base building space sim inspired by Dwarf Fortress. The game is in development by indie developer Ominux Games who caught the eye of Chucklefish who partnered up with them in order to publish the game.

Chucklefish have decided to publish the game, after finishing their works with Stardew Valley. This announcement was made on Chucklefish's official twitter that also mentioned Starmancer's Kickstarter campaign.

They are currently standing at £70.555 or $98000 with three days before the campaign ends. It is more than likely to reach the next stretch goal which is Creative Mode that will allow players to switch between Creative and Survival mode. It will likely serve as a map editor, with an added function of creating custom adventures.

Ominux Games A Starmancer is depositing ore into a machine that refines it into fuel and metals. Starmancer fuel creation

Starmancer's Kickstarter has another two stretch goals left, which will add robots and alien races to the game, should they be reached. It would definitely be an interesting addition to the game's storytelling. Speaking of which, the premise of the game is that the Earth was destroyed and the remnants of human kind fled into space, inhabiting ships named Arks.

You assume control of a Starmancer, one of the volunteers who merged their minds with AIs and are in charge of maintaining the stations. That includes expanding the Arks by building additional cells, keeping your population happy, gathering resources and, uh, literally growing the population.

Ominux Games Tubes or tanks for growing human beings in Starmancer are the main choice for growing population. Starmancer - Colonist population doesn't grow when a colonist daddy loves colonist mommy very much. They're tank-bred.

This is very practical in case your Ark gets invaded and some of the colonists die. You can just grow them again instead of waiting for nine months. The game doesn't have a confirmed release date yet. It is estimated to be finished in January 2019 and Ominux Games noted that their newfound partnership with Chucklefish will not impact it negatively.

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