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Chovy officially joins Hanwha Life Esports

Published: 16:01, 24 November 2020
League of Legends - Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon
League of Legends - Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon

DragonX squad has mostly split up with most eyes peeled on Chovy's next destination. Now we know it's Hanwha Life, who previously had the services of his former teammates.

Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon has officially been revealed as a Hanwha Life Esports member, putting all the questions about his next team to rest. There were rumours that he would go overseas to pursue massive salaries in either LPL or LCS but it seems like the young star is not set on leaving LCK.

He is currently the only mid laner in HLE, who previously employed Lehends and Viper, Chovy's teammates from their time on Griffin. A reunion wasn't meant to be as the duo left the team earlier and they are currently free agents.

Now, one could potentially think they would still re-sign with HLE but that is highly unlikely since the team acquired Deft just one day prior to announcing Chovy. Therefore, it would make no sense to keep two top tier marksmen on the roster since this would undoubtedly create issues with the salaries, which could turn out to be too high while being able to utilise only half of what is paid for.

The support slot is still open so it remains to be seen who will join Deft and Chovy in their new team as Keria, their former teammate from DRX, has already signed with T1.

With Deft and Chovy on the roster, HLE could potentially have better chances at the top of LCK standings in the next seasons since having players who can carry in two lanes has always been a recipe for success in LoL esports.

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