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Chill with mellow hip-hop beats in the rhythm-based game Lofi Ping Pong

Published: 14:47, 08 December 2020
Lofi Ping Pong game cover, girl holding a table tennis racket and headphones.
LOFI PING PONG is out for Nintendo Switch

The rhythm-based pixelated game in which you need to hit the ball in the rhythm of the lofi hip-hop beats is out today on the Nintendo eShop store.

Lofi Ping Pong is a rhythm game where you've got to hit the ball according to the songs' rhythm. The winning rule is simple - you have to reach the songs' end. The game is made by Calvares , for PC ( Steam ), Nintendo Switch, and mobile phones.

Lofi Ping Pong main features:

  • Six locations to play/relax to
  • Several gameplay modifications to test your rhythm skills
  • Proceed through the story part to open more lofi hip hop tracks
  • Upload your own music to diversify the playlist
  • Play with your friend on one PC in Split Screen mode (tip: use Remote Play Together to play online)
  • No-fail mode so you can level up your skill 

Calvares Lofi ping pong screenshot showing pixelated graphics table tennis One of the several locations in the game (Lofi Ping Pong)

We have to admit, this is a very unusual mixture here. Ping-pong tennis and hip-hop. Not something you get to see every day. But, it exists, and it works. Just put your headphones on, and let the atmosphere of this cute-looking pixelated game take you away, while you zone-out trying to hit the ball in the rhythm of beats' kicks and snares.

Lofi Ping Pong is out today on Nintendo Switch, and you can check it out on the Nintendo's eShop store HERE .

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