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Child of Light is free to keep on uPlay

Published: 15:48, 24 March 2020
Child of Light
Child of Light

Ubisoft chimed in with their own stay at home enticement by offering the fairytale-like game, Child of Light, for free on PC.

Child of Light giveaway will last until 28 March 2020, giving everyone roughly five days to claim it. The only requirement is a Ubisoft/uPlay account and game can be claimed on the game's Ubisoft store page .

For those not familiar with the title, Child of Light is a story about Aurora, a young girl from late 19th century Austra who awakens in the lost fairytale land of Lemuria. She got there by apparently dying in the real world and the goal is to return there. Before that happens, however, she needs to cross the beautiful landscapes of Lemuria and brave its dangers.

The art style used in the game emulates water painted pictures which beautifully blend with the animations. It is complemented with a soundtrack that should give everyone a feeling that they are truly navigating a land from a fairytale for the optimal immersion.

Normally, Child of Light costs $14.99 / €14-99 and uPlay might be showing it on a 66 per cent discount instead of 100 per cent or free. The purchase button still says it's free and you can click it to immediately prompt the launcher to state the game has been added to your account. You might need to click "OK" once or twice but the bottom line is that the title is still free.

The reason for the wrong price that was displayed at the time of writing is probably that the developers had to override the already changed price tag since Ubisoft has a store-wide Spring sale running in parallel.

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