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Call of Duty's Mara reports toxic cheater couple and gets them banned

Published: 15:51, 13 March 2021
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare operator Mara
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Mara

There's a time for acting and a time to keep it real, and thanks to Alex Zedra's keen eye, we've got one less toxic cheater couple to watch out for in-game.

Players are more likely to recognise Zedra by the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone role she was cast for in December 2019. Infinity Ward was still behind the CoD wheel at the time, and they cast her as Mara, a Venezuelan national, a CIA asset and a certified badass. 

Little did they know Mara is a badass behind the scenes as well, as she recently spotted and reported a couple of cheaters strutting their stuff freely in a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament on Friday. 

By the way, when we say a couple - we mean a romantic couple, whose fondness of cheating simply has to pan out great beyond Activision and Call of Duty. 

After reporting IcyVixen and BeardedBanger to Twitter and publicly exposing their profiles, the floodgates opened and just about every instance of recorded cheating the pair had posted online was dissected, compiled and/or posted for the Call of Duty community to see.

"Thank you Twitch for banning the most toxic hackers I’ve ever come across in my 5 years of being on this platform. Glad I got to witness him being banned Live after being called bitch and to 1v1 them as they’re blatantly hacking", she tweeted.

To make matters even better, Mara is a genuine Call of Duty fan that enjoys the game and the competition. In fact, she wrote a lovely tweet to Infinity Ward back when she was cast, calling her work in the iconic shooter "a dream job". 

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