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Remastered Bullet Witch is now available for PC via Steam

Published: 16:01, 25 April 2018
Alicia is posing for a picture in Bullet Witch
Bullet Witch

Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games have announced that the remaster of the Xbox 360 demon hunting game Bullet Witch will be available on 25 April 2018 on PC. The game wasn't well received by critics but it has garnered a cult following.

Bullet Witch's remaster will be available from 5 PM GMT for Europe and 10 AM PDT for USA. The game will cost £12.99, €14.99 and $14.99, with a 10 per cent discount during the launch week. 

PC version of the game will have updated graphics and unlocked frame rate for that glorious 60 FPS bullet spewing mayhem. All of the DLC costumes and bonus missions will be integrated into the base purchase of Bullet Witch.

Alicia is the game's protagonist, and she's a witch whose broom is a weapon that can transform on the fly. She is therefore equipped with an assault rifle, shotgun, minigun and a sniper rifle within one not-so-compact package.

Bullet Witch's progression is closely tied to the weapon, as it will get enchanted for higher damage and extra perks during the playthrough. Infinite bullets and weapon shapeshifting aren't the only magical powers that Alicia has however, as there is a magic meter below the health bar that gets filled as she murders the demonic enemies. Once it's filled, she is able to call down thunderbolts, tornadoes and meteors on her targets.

Story in Bullet Witch revolves around the humankind's apparent final moments, as they are fighting for survival against hell's minions. The fight seems to be a lost cause but Alicia's immense power may tip the scales in humankind's favour, and as such, the human resistance can be rallied and reinvigorated in their war against hell.

Voice acting in the game can be painful at times but it didn't stop the fans from staying faithful to the game 12 years after its Xbox 360 release.

XSEED Games Alicia is talking with the human resistance in Bullet Witch. Bullet Witch - Alicia and the resistance

Bullet Witch has not been rated by ESRB, PEGI or USK so parental advisory is recommended due to mature setting of the game as well as somewhat provocative nature of Alicia's clothing.

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