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Brawlhalla's Valentine's Day event now underway along with new brawl

Published: 20:59, 10 February 2021
Blue Mammoth Games
Brawlhalla - Valhallentine’s 2021
Brawlhalla - Valhallentine’s 2021

Valhallentine’s 2021 has introduced a bunch of lovely Legend skins and, exclusive seasonal items and a lovely Gold Bonus each player can claim on login.

Valentine's day in Brawlhalla looks like a themed UI Takeover complete with some brand-new main menu beats, a treasure trove of exclusive seasonal items and +250 Bonus Gold per player login.

All the Valhallentine treats

Legend Skins

  • Red Rose Kaya – “Her arrows never miss their target!” 
  • Date Night Dusk – “This man of mystery is ready to break some hearts.” 
  • Cho-Kor-Late – “With a cherry on top!” 
  • Red Romance Volkov – “He’d love to have you for dinner…” 
  • Lovelaced Ada – “This sweet romance will leave you hurting.” 
  • Secret Admirer Zariel – “Would you be my Valentine?”
  • Heartbreaker Barraza – “Giving love a bad name.” 
  • Suitor Lucien – “If looks could kill (and they do).”
  • Heart of Hathor Mirage – “No better way to be welcomed to the afterlife.”
  • Demon Bride Hattori – “They say marriage changes you.”
  • Bonus: Horrific visage with Hattori’s expressions.
  • Eternal Love Brynn – “Fall in love with her forever, and ever, and ever.”
  • Classy Roland – “A rose in his teeth, eleven more in his chest hair.”
  • Date Night Nai – “She even likes the same bands you do.”


Lovestruck 2021 – ”Owl be yours this Valentine’s”

  • Now with sound FX.
  • Let the love soar.

Weapon Skin

Cupid’s Bow – “Shot through the heart!”

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