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Blizzard reveals the looks of new Overwatch 2 maps

Published: 13:29, 21 May 2021
Overwatch 2 - Rome
Overwatch 2 - Rome

Overwatch 2 is introducing a pile of new maps and Blizzard showed off a few with both teasers and gameplay during their livestream.

Several new maps were revealed in detail with the Overwatch 2 live stream the developers presented recently, including New York, Rio, Rome and Monte Carlo.

New York is a hybrid map, meaning the attackers will first need to capture a point and then push the payload from there. Many landmarks were recreated in a manner similar to other maps that resemble real-life cities and you will be able to see the Grand Central Station as well as pizza or coffee places at every corner. 

Speaking of which, these contain numerous Easter eggs with these establishments and you will able to see Jeph's pizza and coffee cups all over the map. 

Toronto is one of the maps that will have a rather curved outlook since the road will take the teams through serpentine streets as the tug of war happens. References are not missing here either. There is a giant statue of a hockey player and the map is covered in snow. It only remains to be seen if maple syrup will start pouring out of the sky.

Rio is one of the most vibrant maps in the game and has a few other recognisable features from the real-life counterpart as well, such as a Brazilian barbecue spot. You can also see Lucio's club in the payload map.

Rome is a tug of war map with the new robot mechanic that can push in either direction, depending on which team controls it. Colosseum and several other landmarks from the city are featured and once again, this map has a lot of curvatures so keep an eye on those flankers that can kill you almost instantly.

Monte Carlo is known for many things but two of them usually stand out - F1 races and luxury. Both are on display with this map as the payload is a Formula 1 car and you can see the luxury in pretty much everything you look at.

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