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Blizzard reveals Sojourn's abiltiies and weapon for Overwatch 2

Published: 09:55, 16 April 2022
Overwatch - Sojourn and Echo
Overwatch - Sojourn and Echo

Following Echo's release, Overwatch players have had a content drought when it comes to new heroes and it is going to end with the release of Sojourn, whose abilities have been revealed recently.

Sojourn will be a DPS hero in Overwatch 2 , with mobility that is pretty innovative for the game, along with an interesting weapon that includes a railgun.

Her primary fire is basically a fast-shooting SMG and hitting targets with it will charge up Sojourn's secondary fire, the railgun, at which point she can unleash a powerful and precise blast to ruin the enemy's day.

The first ability she gets is the power slide, which provides a burst of speed in a single direction. If she jumps while sliding, her jump will also be empowered, allowing her to reach new heights.

Disruptor Blast is the other ability she gets, allowing the Overwatch captain to slow a large group of enemies. While they are slowed down, they also take damage in ticks, until they leave the affected area.

Finally, there is the ultimate. It appears the devs had a bit of trouble deciding what to give her as the ultimate ability, with one of the iterations involving a map-long blast that goes through walls. However, the final decision was to give her more capability to use the railgun.

Upon activation, the ultimate provides Sojourn with constant charging of the railgun. She can fire it in succession, without having to shoot anyone with the primary fire.

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