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Bastion gets xBox One re-release

Published: 10:58, 12 December 2016
Updated: 13:57, 09 February 2017
Bastion - xBox One

Bastion is celebrating its 5th birthday with an xBox One re-release in glorious 1080p, bundled with the Strangers Dream DLC

Bastion is scheduled for a re-release on xBox One . The port mainly aims for giving the game a native feel on the current gen console, while adding 1080p support and bundling it with the Stranger's Dream DLC. Aside from the resolution upgrade the re-release wil be boasting new achievements.

Players who own a copy of the original release will be able to acquire the 1080p version, including the DLC, in exchange for zero money, for a limited time.

Bastion - At the marketplace
 Bastion - At the marketplace

Bastion is and was a gem on the crown of gaming history. A game about dealing with loss and regret, about the difficult choice between clinging to the past and trying to rebuild, or moving on and starting anew. combined a unique art-style with an incredible soundtrack and one of the best voice narrations the medium has ever produced.

If you already own it on xBox 360, it might be a good idea to give it another run; if you missed it five years ago, don't loose time, time is precious - go and treat yourself to a masterpiece.

Bastion - Just surviving, will it do? Bastion - Simply surviving, will that do?

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