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Awesome Games Done Quick - charity and Twitch drama

Published: 21:46, 08 January 2018
Updated: 21:49, 08 January 2018
Awesome Games Done Quick
Awesome Games Done Quick logo.
Awesome Games Done Quick

The bi-annual charity speedrun marathon that is Awesome Games Done Quick kicked off yesterday. Their quest is to annihilate cancer through stream donations. The quest itself wasn't drama free, for all the wrong reasons.

Awesome Games Done Quick first started in 2010 and soon became one of gaming's major events. As popularity grew, so did donations and the last year's AGDQ managed to raise $2 million.

Games Done Quick introduced itself for 2018 with a rapid-fire presentation, it is a speedrunning event after all. Opening day speedruns started with Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy, and wrapped up with a Skyrim run by Wall of Spain that stood at 00:50:26. Not quite 2016's DrTChops score (00:46:20), but still a decent time. He celebrated the speed run by getting his character married.

Bethesda A streamer getting his character married in Skyrim. Wall of Spain Skyrim wedding

The thing that sparked another batch of internet controversy was AGDQ's decision to limit Twitch chat to subscribed users only. Outraged non subscribed viewers took to forums to vent out their anger and AGDQ soon released a statement.

''We take moderation seriously and want to maintain a positive atmosphere in all of our events, especially as we are representing the charities we are benefiting. As Games Done Quick has grown over the years, our channel has now been averaging between 100k-150k concurrent viewers, and moderating a channel of this size has been extremely difficult. We’re currently exploring options to alleviate the situation and have opted to make the chat for AGDQ this year subscription-only. All GDQ subscription revenue in January will be donated to Prevent Cancer Foundation.''

Awesome Games Done Quick Twitch chat on Awesome Games Done Quick charity stream. AGDQ Twitch chat

Numerous workarounds popped up and one of them was a new channel named GDQ_poverty. It seemed fine at first, but the channel creator soon found out that AGDQ was right about moderation as regular Twitch chat trolls started pouring in. The channel was promptly hammered by Twitch. It was later confirmed that AGDQ didn't push for shutting down the channel even though Twitch rules gave them full rights to do so. You can read up on it further on

Since the marathon will cover a wide variety of games, you may want to tune in when one of your favourites is scheduled for a speed run. The full list with time and date per title can be found at  

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