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Another Genshin Impact leak has revealed Raiden Shogun re-run for 2.5

Published: 01:13, 02 February 2022
Genshin Impact character Baal
Genshin Impact - Shogun Raiden Baal

An interesting Genshin Impact leak predicts the second arrival of the popular Electro Archon - Raiden Shogun, who is expected to appear alongside the new character Yae Miko on update 2.5.

New Genshin Impact  characters arrive with each new update and they are usually the focal point of the update. The official Genshin Impact social media accounts have confirmed a new character that will arrive in the upcoming Genshin Impact update 2.5 - the long-awaited Electro catalyst Yae Miko

Since her first appearance, Raiden Shogun has become one of the fan-favorite characters in the Genshin Impact community. As an Electro Archon, she is considered the main character in the whole Inazuma storyline which is featured in the previous five updates. 

Her first banner still holds the record for being the most pulled character in the game, which did not surprise anyone considering that she was teased months before with numerous leaks and rumors.

A recent leak on the popular Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit  revealed  the live stream announcement for update 2.5. Raiden Shogun was featured one of the pictures which heavily indicates that she will be a part of 2.5 banner.

The fact that Yae is the only confirmed five-star character that will arrive in the upcoming update means that there will be another banner re-run. It does make sense story-vise that Yae Miko and Raiden arrive on the same update considering that they are considered old friends.

Twitter: Dimbreath Genshin Impact character Shogun Baal Genshin Impact - Raiden Shogun Baal

According to multiple 2.5 beta leaks, Yae Miko is a DPS character that has a problem with generating Energy. Most players predict that pairing her with Raiden should resolve this issue right away.

Genshin Impact update 2.5 should drop around mid-February, at least according to miHoYo's usual update schedule of releasing a new update every 6-7 weeks.

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