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All Walls Must Fall is leaving Early Access next week

Published: 18:05, 14 February 2018
Promotional poster for the game All Walls Must Fall
All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall is a self-described ''Tech-noir tactics game'' in development by indie studio inbetweengames and currently in Early Access on Steam. That is going to change on 23 February 2018.

At first glance All Walls Must Fall looks a lot like Shadowrun, even taking place in Berlin on top of the futuristic tech vibe both games have. But that's where the similarities stop. In Shadowrun, Berlin is a flux state where no power can remain at the top of the food chain for long, while in All Walls Must Fall, Berlin is the place where Cold War never ended. 

In this premise, both sides are using time manipulating technology to ''predict'' and counter each others moves. Set in 2089, it means the Cold War held both east and west Berlin in the state of time-warping Mexican standoff for 150 years. Somebody apparently has had enough of their conflict and launched a nuke, prompting both sides to send agents back in time to find who did it and prevent the apocalyptic strike from happening.

inbetweengames Protagonist of the game All Walls Must Fall standing in front of a hotel. All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall is an isometric tactics game, and it is not as animated as you might expect or desire. For exampe character movement looks more like sliding, since your agent isn't moving his legs.

On the flip side - if you can ignore such quirks the game has much to offer, with its dialogue system probably being the highlight. It features a rather unique persuasion system excellent for immersion, with real depth to it.

inbetweengames People preparing for a gunfight in a night club in the game All Walls Must Fall. All Walls Must Fall

Colour palette and the art style mirror the generic cyberpunk futuristic looks, complete with night club and neon lights everywhere. It features original an soundtrack that can be bough separately or in a package with the game. 

As an indie game, it doesn't warrant your typical full game price, instead going for £7.19 which will be further reduced by 30 percent on launch. For the full feature and pricing lists, you can check out the game's .

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