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Age of Empires IV will have fewer civilisations than Age of Empires II

Published: 15:08, 10 December 2019
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Age of Empires IV won't arrive anytime soon

The upcoming real-time strategy from Relic and Microsoft - Age of Empire 4 - will have less than 13 civilisations on the launch, creative director Adam Isgreen confirmed.

Age of Empires IV will probably be a lot prettier than previous titles from the popular real-strategy series, but by the looks of it, it won't offer as much as civilisations as the iconic Age of Empires II. In the latest interview with PCGamesN, the game's creative director Adam Isgreen said that Age of Empires IV will come with fewer civilisations than Age of Empires 2 as the team want to make each civilisation unique and with their own feel.

"You can expect to see fewer than the 13 that shipped with Age of Empires II, as we’re aiming for more uniqueness with each civilisation rather than quantity," Isgreen said in the interview.

Unfortunately, he did not mention the number of the civilisations that will be available in the game on launch, but at least we know that the number won't exceed Age of Empires II's civilisation total.

Isgreen also talked more about the uniqueness of civilisations and how players will be able to recognize each one pretty easily. "While we’ve kept specific structures similar in shape language because we want them to be understood across any civilisation that has them, every civilisation in Age IV has its own unique visuals for every unit and structure in the game."

This means that from the very bottom tier of available troops and structures all the way up top, each unit and building will have a unique look and distinct design. It's about quality, not quantity in Age of Empires IV Isgreen claims.

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