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51% gamers avoided October microtransactions, despite FIFA 20 & NBA 2K20

Published: 15:09, 15 November 2019
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James Harden going for a dunk in NBA 2K20
James Harden is an offensive beast in NBA 2K20

Superdata's recent report revealed that gamers are spent $6.5 billion in Q3 2019 on in-game purchases on PC but that only accounts for 49% of players. The rest avoided microtransactions altogether, despite FIFA 20 and NBA 2K20 releases.

Microtransaction-heavy games are apparently either reaching their peak or they already have peaked since Q3 2019 in-game purchase numbers are not exactly growing, according to Superdata.

NBA 2K20 and FIFA 20 are both heavy hitters when it comes to focus on microtransactions and both games released during Q3 2019 but that didn't manage to tip the scales of players who spend on microtransactions versus those who don't. According to the report, 51% of players didn't spend on in-game purchases at all in the month prior to publishing, despite those two titles still being fresh.

The report theorises the gamers are growing wary of microtransaction-pushing tactics which contributed to the conversion. Superdata theorised that due to gamers' sensitivity to others' opinions, the negative coverage of microtransaction-heavy titles affected their lower spending.

Factors that could contribute to the gamers' opinion shift include video games news websites for 36% of the people, gaming forums for 35% of them and technology websites for 34%. Superdata didn't directly state how much influence YouTube could potentially have but it's possible the medium is part of the estimate grouped in social media, which affects approximately 40 per cent of the gamers.

EA FIFA 20 screenshot showing three players FIFA 20

Interestingly enough, NBA 2K20 had a much higher percentage of players spending on its microtransactions than FIFA 20 did, with the basketball game standing at 8% and the football one at 2%. Fortnite is also up there in the 8% club but the game's revenue is still down compared to the same period in 2018.

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