Wired Productions shade NFTs, world keeps spinning, water still wet

Published: 16:01, 24 December 2021
Updated: 16:02, 24 December 2021
Wired Productions
Wired Productions' VP of Product Evolution and Retail Metamorphosis, Bob Packer
Wired Productions' VP of Product Evolution and Retail Metamorphosis, Bob Packer

Wired Productions is having some fun and we're here for it.

Wired Productions is doing something wonderful this Christmas: voicing their opinion of NFTs and having obscene amounts of fun doing it, it's crazy.

According to The Verge , NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which essentially means they can't be "replaced with something else". Now that we still pretty much don't care about NFTs, let's see what the publishers of Avicii Invector , The Falconeer and many similar gems elected to do with the new technology we simpletons can only hate because we fail to grasp its awesome power of...I don't know...non-funging?

Wired Productions made everyone's day with a simple click of the "tweet" button when out came the following announcement: "Erm, Breaking news: We’ve heard you loud and clear. NFTs are coming to the Wired store. Really."

Clicking the link in the tweet will send you to Wired Productions' webpage where you can browse the available NFTs, but not before being greeted with the following text:

"No F*cking Thanks

The world is obsessed with NFTs and our message is simple: No F*cking Thanks. To celebrate this, we're releasing a range of epic images that our VP of Product Evolution and Retail Metamorphosis, Bob Packer, quickly put together when we decided we wanted to jump on the bandwagon too. However, here at Wired we do things differently. Yep, our NFTs are free and open to everyone! Forget tokens and blockchain, you can just download the jpeg and it's yours to keep forever! We release these with a creative Commons licence; do what you want, honestly, we don't give a sh*t.

Remember NFTs are bullsh*t, we know it, you know it and the community knows it. This is just our way of being clear as a company that when it comes to NFTs, we say: No F*cking Thanks."

Loud and clear, Wired, loud and clear. 

The folks at Wired are obviously fed up with the current blockchain craze and decided to poke a bit of fun at everyone who takes these things seriously ( looking at you, Ubisoft ) and I, for one, love them for it. 

Merry Christmas.

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