League of Legends patch 10.6 - best pick for each role

Published: 18:34, 18 March 2020
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League of Legends champion Warwick
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The 10.6 patch is a really big one with many changes that will affect both solo queue and competitive League of Legends play. We could see a big shake in the meta considering that the funneling compositions are nerfed, and the Teleport cooldown was adapted to suit top laners.

Although the buff to nerf ratio is pretty big in this new patch , the changes overall aren't significant enough to make a big shift in the champion priority. The biggest change could be the new teleport cooldown which may cause a rise of lane dominant champions and split push compositions.

Top Lane - Darius

Even though Darius got slightly nerfed in this patch, it's far less significant than the changes his S tier counterpart Garen received. His lane presence is simply too much to handle for most top laners right now, and with the Teleport cooldown getting increased in the laning phase, killing your opponent or simply forcing them to base will feel much more rewarding.

The fact that funneling strats are getting heavily nerfed could also play a big part in his win rate rise during the patch.

Honourable mentions: Ornn, Garen, and Wukong

Riot Games League of Legends champion Darius Dunkmaster skin Dunk your way to a higher rank

Jungle -  Warwick

While there are a ton of new champions in the jungle now, such as Brand, Zyra, Shen and even Teemo, we still think that you'll find the most success by playing traditional gankers like Warwick. With the new patch, we will probably see an increase of mages in the jungle and that's why Warwick, with his sustain, mobility and early fighting, is our top pick for the jungle role.

Honourable mentions: Elise, Lee sin, Wukong, and Zac

Mid lane - Diana

Just like in the previous patch, we didn't see any big changes for the mid lane in 10.6. Diana is dominating the win percentage charts through all the ranks and since the patch had no significant changes, she will most likely stay on top. Her ability to engage or flank team fights while being pretty hard to kill is more than enough to turn games in your favour.

Honourable mentions: Fizz, Kassadin, Ekko, and Talon

AD carry - Miss Fortune

Riot decided to nerf Senna and forever end the "Fasting Senna" trend everyone was talking about. With her and Aphelios getting gutted, Miss Fortune will surely rise in popularity and win rate and that's why she's our top pick. She didn't really get any changes in this patch but her lane dominance and ability to manage team fights can't be matched by any other AD Carry.

Honourable mentions: Caitlyn, Ezreal, Lucian, and Kai'Sa

League of Legends champion Miss Fortune Cowgirl skin League of Legends champion Miss Fortune Cowgirl skin Miss Fortune is by far the safest pick for bot lane

Support - Leona

Leona is our best pick for the support role two patches in a row now and rightfully so. With the current fast-pace meta where most of the games get decided by a mid-game team fight, the crowd control Leona brings can be a deciding factor in locking down the biggest threat in the enemy team. She has a positive win rate across all ranks.

Honourable mentions: Bard, Blitzcrank, Nautilus, and Senna

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