League of Legends patch 10.5 - best picks for every role

Published: 09:13, 04 March 2020
Updated: 09:15, 04 March 2020
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League of Legends champion Ornn Thunder Lord skin
League of Legends - Ornn teleporting and ulting from behind enemy lines will ruin any gank

The new patch has hit the rift today and, as expected, so have the nerfs to top lane supports. The Spellthief's Edge abusers got chased back to the bottom half of the map as top lane mains wish they never came up in the first place.

With the new 10.5 patch underway, the rift has seen some changes in each and every role. The support nerf was a major focus in this patch and picks like Soraka top will most certainly diminish and not be a part of any team comp.

Top Lane - Ornn

Even after receiving nerfs to his passive in the recent patch, Ornn will remain our highest priority pick for top lane. He got a small hit to his passive where his per cent health damage went down from 12-20 to 10-18 per cent of the target's maximum health.

Also, his item upgrades will get a slight delay. His strong lane presence paired with great initiation potential and crowd control makes him an unmatched powerhouse up in the top lane. The unique ability to upgrade his allies' items and therefore improve the team's scaling is what gives Ornn the upper edge over the other top laner.

Honourable mentions: Sett, Darius

Jungle - Zac

Since Jungle, compared to top lane, hasn't had any major changes, champions that performed well in the previous patch will continue to dominate the rift. Zac has hugely benefited from the recent Cinderhulk changes which increased both his play and win rate. His kit being very straightforward and easy to execute makes him a viable pick throughout most of the ranks and that's why he's found his well-deserving spot on our list.

Honourable mentions: Master Yi, Lee Sin

Riot Games League of Legends champion Zac Slingshot your way to a higher rank

Mid Lane - Diana

Diana has seen some nerfs two patches ago which didn't have a huge impact on her mid lane dominance. At the moment, she's dominating the win percentage charts pretty much through all the ranks and since the patch had no big mid lane related changes, she will most likely stay on the very top.

Honourable mentions: Fizz, Katarina, Talon, Pyke

AD Carry - Senna

Even though the competition for the top pick in this role is pretty big, we've decided to go with Senna. Her new playstyle may be confusing and could even be considered as a support pick rather than ADC. The reason why we gave her the upper edge over picks like Aphelious or Miss Fortune is the unique gold efficiency she brings along with her souls.

She should almost always be paired with a melee support because that's the easiest way she can utilize her Piercing Darkness (Q) to the maximum - she can both heal allies and damage enemie

Honourable mentions: Aphelious, Miss Fortune

Support - Leona

With Bard and Blitzcrank being nerfed in this patch, Leona takes the spot as our best support this time around. Her lock-down kit will benefit almost any team comp since the strongest ADCs right now cannot provide any real self-protection. She's pretty easy to use as most of the time you'll only need to hit one of the three crowd control abilities that she's got.

Honourable mentions: Sona, Lulu

Riot Games League of Legends champion Leona Lunar Eclipse skin League of Legends Leona

This concludes our list for the top picks in each role. It should be noted that these are merely predictions based on the new patch changes, previous patches, and the current meta.

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