League of Legends Essence Emporium: Full list of BE Chromas

Published: 18:20, 29 November 2019
Riot Games
League of Legends - Blue Essence
League of Legends - Blue Essence

Riot Games continued the tradition of atrocious UI when it comes to the Essence Emporium purchases but the community came to the rescue with a full list of Chromas that can be purchased for the in-game currency.

Chromas usually cost Riot Points, the premium currency in League of Legends. Twice a season though, the Essence Emporium opens its doors and lets players purchase these skin alterations with Blue Essence, the regular currency earned by grinding. There is only one catch though - there is no devoted tab for Essence Emporium in League of Legends client and players are having trouble finding what they want. 

Since many of them want to purchase chromas without paying for RP, a community member shared a whose chromas can be purchased for Blue Essence. Alternatively, you can check the paste of the same list below, with all 63 models that have BE chromas

  1. Arcade Kaisa
  2. Battle Boss Qiyana
  3. Battle Boss Yasuo
  4. Dark Star Karma
  5. Dark Star Shaco
  6. Little Demon Tristana
  7. Battle Academia Jayce
  8. Battle Academia Katarina
  9. Battle Professor Graves
  10. Battle Principle Yuumi
  11. Dunkmaster Ivern
  12. Corgi Corki
  13. Meowrick
  14. Pretty Kitty Rengar
  15. Arclight Brand
  16. Blackthorn Morgana
  17. Brolaf
  18. Viridian Kayle
  19. Papercraft Anivia
  20. Papercraft Nunu
  21. Lunar Wraith Sylas
  22. Blood Moon Pyke
  23. Blood Moon Sivir
  24. Winter Wonder Neeko
  25. Dark Waters Diana
  26. Dark Waters Vladimir
  27. Sand Wrath Pyke
  28. Dragon Master Swain
  29. Mecha Zero Sion
  30. Beemo
  31. Badlands Baron Rumble
  32. Birdio
  33. Pizza Delivery Sivir
  34. Pug'Maw
  35. Renektoy
  36. Battlecast Cho'Gath Prime
  37. Resistance Illaoi
  38. Bullet Angel Kaisa
  39. Base Blitzcrank
  40. Resistance Caitlyn
  41. Iron Forge Darius
  42. Dino Gnar
  43. Dragon Fist Lee Sin
  44. Dragonslayer Pantheon
  45. Dragonslayer Xin Zhao
  46. Firecracker Jinx
  47. Base Fizz
  48. Noble Garen
  49. Headhunter Yi
  50. Headhunter Rengar
  51. Base Lucian
  52. Meowkai
  53. Moo Cow Alistar
  54. Nemesis Jax
  55. Officer Vi
  56. Popstar Ahri
  57. Prestigious Leblanc
  58. Rocket Girl Tristana
  59. Sandstorm Ekko
  60. Surprise Party Amumu
  61. Warlord Shen
  62. Base Zac
  63. Base Morgana

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

Keep in mind that there are 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 Blue Essence icons that can be purchased for the duration of the Emporium's stay. These icons bring one Gemstone each and they are your best shot at Hextech skins if you want to bypass the loot boxes.

The list refers to Essence Emporium that appeared between Seasons 9 and 10. New articles with the lists will be available for future incarnations of the store, in case Riot Games don't give it proper UI in the meantime.

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