How to win ZR350 Prize Ride easily in GTA Online

Published: 17:41, 05 August 2021
Updated: 07:11, 06 August 2021
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GTA Online - Annis ZR350
GTA Online - Annis ZR350

Another week, another Prize Ride challenge in GTA Online. This time it's all about Pursuit Races and here are a few tips that will get you the ZR350 in roughly 20 minutes.

ZR350 may not be the best street racing car around but its design, based on Mazda RX-7, will still draw many GTA Online players into acquiring it for one of their garages and some fancy driving across the town. It is the featured Prize Ride in LS Car Meet between August 5 and August 12, 2021, so here is the easiest way to get the vehicle without purchasing it.

GTA Online ZR350 challenge and winning it in 20 minutes

You will need to place in the top four in five different Pursuit Races. The good news is that you don't need to have more than four players in a race for the placement to count towards your challenge progress. Here are a few tips to get a total of four racers in one lobby.

You can just join Pursuit races with three friends with closed matchmaking and after five races, you will all get the Prize Ride.

If that is not an option, you can go to GTAO Discord and see if any players want to group up and grab the car with you.

Should finding three players that way prove to be troublesome as well, you can just host a race yourself and start it as soon as three random people join. To host a Pursuit race in GTA Online, go through the following steps:

  1. Open the game menu (Default is Esc on PC)
  2. Navigate to Online
  3. Select Options
  4. Change Matchmaking to "Closed"
  5. Go back to the left side of the menu
  6. Select Jobs
  7. Select Play Job
  8. Select Rockstar Created
  9. Select Races
  10. Navigate the list of races until you reach the ones with "Pursuit" in front of their name
  11. Select any of the Pursuit races
  12. Congrats, you're the host

After that, just change matchmaking to Open in the host menu and activate Auto Invite. Wait until three people join your lobby. At that point, cancel the auto invite, change matchmaking to Closed and start as soon as the three players are in.

Make sure you finish each race as we are not entirely sure if DNF will count towards the Prize Ride Challenge even if only three players finished ahead of you.

If everything goes right, you should be able to complete the challenge in 20 minutes or less since these races usually take less than three minutes to complete.

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