GTA Online: new prize ride and double GTA$ on MC Businesses

Published: 12:11, 23 September 2021
GTA Online - Previon
GTA Online - Previon

GTA Online's bonuses and discounts lineup has been updated to introduce a new prize ride, podium vehicle, new test track cars and more.

GTA Online is back with a fresh batch of bonuses, discounts and a fresh podium vehicle - this time with four wheels. Everyone who logs in during the week will add a free Nagasaki White and Red Hoodie to their closet.

Diamond Casino and Resort podium vehicle 

The Nagasaki Outlaw - an off-roader with twice as many wheels as last week's Principe Lectro.

Prize ride

This week's prize ride is none other than the Karin Previon, yours if you finish among the Top 5 in Car Meet Races for no less than four days in a row. 

Test Track vehicles

  • Jester RR
  • Futo GTX
  • Vectre

Double RP bonus:

  • Pursuit Races
  • MC Businesses (Coke and Meth) + double GTA$

Triple GTA$ and RP are available on Deadline Adversary mode.

GTA Online 2021

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
GTA Online - Calico GTF
  • Biker Supplies - 50 per cent off

Select Biker Businesses and Upgrades:

  • Cocaine Lockup - 50 per cent off
  • Methamphetamine Lab - 50 per cent off
  • Clubhouses and Renovations - 40 per cent off
  • RC Bandito ($795,000) - 50 per cent off
  • Rampant Rocket ($555,000) - 40 per cent off
  • Vindicator ($378,000) - 40 per cent off
  • Dominator ASP ($1,242,500 - $931,875) - 30 per cent off
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