Answering the most frequently asked questions about GTA's upcoming Expanded and Enhanced release

Published: 21:04, 05 March 2022
GTA Online gets a standalone release
GTA Online gets a standalone release

There is a lot of excitement ahead of the release of the GTA V for the next-gen consoles, but there are a lot of questions in the air as we approach March 15th.

Grand Theft Auto Online community is huge as it's still one of the most playing games on all platforms years after the release. With the release of the Expanded & Enhanced version, a lot of questions have been flowing around among all the different GTA communities, so we gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and tried answering them. So let's start.

  What happens to my old character if I transfer to the next-gen console?

Your character duplicates when you save it to the cloud. From that moment on, they are two separate characters who start from the same spot, in terms of progress, money, items, etc.

One is playable on the old version and one on the new, while the progress between them is not shared and they are now two completely different characters who are oblivious to the other one's existence.

  For how long will existing console versions be getting DLCs?

Rockstar has not made an announcement regarding this issue, but if we look back at when PS4/Xbox One version was released, the DLCs for the PS3/Xbox 360 were released for about a year and then stopped.

Rockstar is probably keen on players upgrading to the new version, but the answer may depend on the number of players switching compared to the number staying with the current version. 

If a huge chunk of players switches versions, they probably won't be motivated to continue creating new content for shrinking small player base, however, if a lot of players still stay, especially those from Xbox, Rockstar might continue releasing new content to suit those players as well, as they are still earning a lot of money from Shark cards.

  Is there cross-play between regular console edition and Expanded & Enhanced?

No, just like the PS4 version was its own thing apart from PS3. Only players with the Expanded & Enhanced version will be able to play with each other.

There was no mention that there will be cross-play between versions and platforms as well, as that might be the feature Rockstar is only developing for Grand Theft Auto 6.

  Is the Expanded and Enhanced version coming to PC?

Rockstar has not made any announcements but keeps in mind that they never announce anything on the PC right away, even the original game wasn't confirmed to get a PC release in 2013 when it came out for consoles.

We might be seeing the PC version of E&E coming later this year or the next. There will certainly be a push from the community to have ray tracing and other improvements on the PC version as well.

  Can I transfer a character from or to PC?

At the moment, no. But transferring characters between consoles and PCs has been made available in the past, and there is no reason to think it won't be coming back at the right time - at least from consoles to PC. It will probably also depend on whether the PC version gets an upgrade or not.

  What is the difference between bought and earned money?

Rockstar announced that in character transfer, only earned money will be transferable, while the bought money won't. Bought money is Shark Card funds. Earned money is everything you earned while playing the game: heists, jobs, races, business...

What is still unknown is how free money will be treated. And by free money, we are thinking of money received by special editions of Grand Theft Auto like The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack or Premium edition.

  Why can't I transfer Shark Card Money to a different console family?

It's probably a legal matter, considering a part of Shark card sales have gone to Microsoft / Sony respectively, and they might have in their contract that they are valid only on their consoles. It's possibly the same reason why you can't transfer characters between different console families.

  Why isn't Xbox Series X|S getting the standalone version of GTA Online for free?

Rockstar signed an exclusive contract with Sony so the free standalone version will only be available for PS5 players. The offer will last for 3 months, and all the players that download it within those three months will be able to keep it. Xbox players will have to pay regularly for the standalone version.

  How to transfer a character from the old console version to the next-gen?

Lucky for you, we already covered that topic in more detail. Read the instructions here .

  Until when can I transfer my character to E&E?

Rockstar hasn't set an end date for transfers yet. It will likely be a couple of years like it was for transfers from PS3/Xbox 360 to PS4/Xbox One.

We might add new questions & answers to this list as the game's release gets closer.

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