10 best upcoming Nintendo Switch games coming in September 2020

Published: 14:21, 03 September 2020
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Top 10 upcoming games for Nintendo Switch in September 2020

We take a look at some of the best upcoming games that are coming out this month for our beloved Switch, and we can tell you that it is not a bad month at all!

While the world waits for the next Nintendo Direct to be announced, we focus on a couple of games coming out this month for Switch. Although the month of August was a bit of a meh, September already has much better look. We take a look at some cool 3rd-party games, interesting indie titles and some potential hidden gems.

The first is MX vs ATV All Out (Sept 1st) - two years after the PS4 and Xbox One, MX vs ATV All Out gets a Switch release. Dirt-bike/ATV arcadey-racer offers several modes to play. When it just came out for PS4/Xbox it ran into a bunch of problems, so maybe it's best to wait a bit with this title before buying.

Next up, we have Ary and the Secret of Seasons (Sept 1st) - potentially a hidden gem, a very beautiful 3D adventure in which the main character Ary can change the seasons on-the-fly, which is very impressive, in order to solve puzzles and fight the Wide variety of enemies. it would not be an adventure without a deep narrative, as they say for this game, which shows a lot of potential.

Under the Jolly Roger (Sept 3rd) an open-world pirate RPG game that gives you an ACIV: Black Flag vibe (one of our favorite Assasin's Creed games ever), in which you upgrade your ship, sail the open seas and fight other pirates, even on-the-foot. Not to mention that you can encounter the Kraken, all for just $20.

NBA 2K21 (Sept 4) the biggest changes in the new 2K title are gameplay-related and the most obvious one is undoubtedly the new Shot meter. The way of shooting the basketball is changed, which means you'll have to get used to a bit (again? aargh!). Unlike in previous versions, your right analog stick is now more for ballhandling, than shooting the ball. You'll be able to chain those cross-overs easier than ever. There's a demo for 2K21 on eShop store if you want to check it out before buying.

Paradise Killer (Sept 4) The neo-retro style 1st person open-world mystery game, in which you explore the island and investigate a murder case on the island. Gather evidence in any order and assemble it into a truth, to save the paradise. Sounds very interesting.

RPG Maker MV (Sept 8) if you ever wanted to make your own RPG game, this is the game for you. RPG Maker MV was born to fulfill the desire of creating an original RPG without programming knowledge, using only in-game tools and provided samples. Create, and share to other players out there. There's also RPG Maker MV Player, a free app that you download and play RPG games made by other players in RPG Maker MV, so you can play a lot of free RPG games if you don't have time or can’t dedicate yourself to developing your game.

Hotshot Racing (Sept 10) 90s arcade-style racing game, with various online mods (cops and robbers), big chunky polygons, smooth 60fps gameplay, 16 tracks, plenty of various cars to race with, up to 8 players online, and 4-players split-screen multiplayer. A true gem in this list! Can't wait to get our hands on this slick-looking racer.

WWE Battlegrounds (Sept 18) Brawl with over 130 WWE legends and superstars in this over-the-top arcade-action wrestling game by 2K. Loads of match types, a really impressive roster with a lot of classic wrestlers and a silly look promises a lot of fun.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (Sept 22) We have already covered this game, it's certainly one of the most interesting titles on this list for all the space-heads out there. Check out our article with Switch gameplay included.

Vigor (Sept 23) We’ve also already written about Vigor in this article here , and this is one of the games we’re most looking forward to at AltChar

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