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Windows 7 support officially ending today

Published: 02:16, 14 January 2020
Windows 7
Windows 7

Windows 7 has a good chance of going down in history as Microsoft's most beloved operating system but that is all there's left to it now - history. The company officially ended support for it on 14 January 2020 as the focus was diverted to Windows 10.

Windows 7's run lasted for over a decade as it was launched on 22 October 2009 for the general public. Before it, Microsoft had a mixed bag of operating systems with successes like Windows 98 and XP as well as the not-so-beloved Windows Me or Vista.

However, regardless of each iteration's reception, none of them managed a run as successful as Windows 7 which is getting its last goodbye on 14 February 2020. Following that day, Microsoft's official support stops and all the focus is on Windows 10 which will be utilised on various devices in their pushed for unified OS across the board.

While the OS obituary is right at our doorstep, those who would like to hold off the deployment of Windows 10 with Extended Security Updates (ESU).

These updates will be available for Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Professional users. ESUs will be sold on a per-device basis in packages lasting for one, two or three years, with the last set to expire in January 2023. Keep in mind that ESU price will go up each subsequent year.

Alternatively, Windows 7 owners can switch to Windows 10 for free. Users of Win7 can go to the and follow instructions on how to switch their operating system. One important note is that the edition of Windows 10 has to correspond to the one on Windows 7. 

For example, a Windows 7 Home can only be converted to Windows 10 Home. The same goes for Professional, while Windows 7 Enterprise can't be upgraded this way.

Whether you are happy with the change or not, we believe that Windows 7 deserved a salute for all these years of not breaking our stuff with random updates. So long, you magnificent beast.

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