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Victoria 3 will have up to ten options for Russia's flag

Published: 06:51, 17 December 2021
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3
Victoria 3

In the timeframe that Victoria 3 is set in, not everything is as clear-cut as it is today. Flags are one of the examples, as the centralization of some countries was still not a thing, at the time.

A flag is a decorative design on a bit of fabric, often used to communicate something, such as a message or identity, to the viewer. In Victoria 3, all flags are flags associated with countries. They're neat designs that serve as visual shorthand for a state, and they just look pretty too, most of the time. 

In the Victorian era, what counts as the flag of a country was a bit, vague, depending on who you were asking. Some countries, like the United States and France, very clearly had a single flag that served as the national flag that everybody knew them by, but others weren't so clear.

Take for example Russia and its flags at the time.  The tricolor that is used as the Russian Federation's flag now was just one of several in use in the 19th century up through to the 1850s, as a merchant flag or civil ensign used to identify civilian ships in foreign ports. The Romanov dynasty's emblem is also used as a Russian flag, and then there are two naval jacks - the flags with the blue saltires or diagonal crosses stretching across them- which are also widely recognized.

Paradox Interactive Victoria 3 - Potential Russian flags Victoria 3 - Potential Russian flags

Eventually, the Russian government started trying to consolidate everything and issued a decree on June 23rd, 1858, proclaiming a single "state flag", a black-gold-white tricolor. In 1883, the white-blue-red "merchant" flag was officially accepted as a national flag to be used on special occasions, and in 1896 it wholly replaced the black-gold-white tricolor as Russia's state flag.

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