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TOEI Entertainment claims they aren't forcing DBFZ out of eSports

Published: 07:54, 28 December 2018
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Picture of Vegeta seemingly having a power driven orgasm in Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon Ball FighterZ - Vegeta

Dragon Ball FIghterZ has been mysteriously pulled from several fighting game tournaments recently, and fans were quick to point their fingers at TOEI Entertainment. The company now claims to have no knowledge of preventing any tournaments.

Dragon Ball FighterZ fans' disappointment has reached the boiling point and some of them openly lashed out against TOEI Entertainment, who were the primary suspect behind the game being pulled from several tournaments, which could eventually result in it being banned from future eSport events.

Twitter user Xashn to another TOEI tweet by stating their stance on Dragon Ball FighterZ eSports was nothing like the friendship and fellowship they promoted in a special anniversary preview of One Piece. TOEI replied by stating they had nothing to do with the DBFZ tournament cancellations, but their reply came somewhat late.

It appears that Xashn already out that it is Shueisha who might be the real culprit and decided to share their contact information in hopes people would reach out to the company in order to pressure them to stop ruining eSports for Dragon Ball fans.

Shueisha are the ones holding the actual IP rights when it comes to Dragon Ball franchise, and TOEI are only licensing it, in order to keep making the anime. Meanwhile, Shueisha own more IPs and are publishers of Weekly Shonen Jump, which may put some fear into Jump Force fans.

If these claims about Shueisha being behind the DBFZ tournament cancellations turn out to be true, it is highly likely Jump Force tournaments will never become a mainstream thing, as they are mostly based on characters published in Shonen Jump magazines.

Bandai Namco Entertainment A picture of Goku in Jump Force. Jump Force

Then again, Jump Force doesn't seem to be an eSport extravaganza and is more along the lines of fan service, as it contains characters from many of the anime hard hitters, such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach and Naruto. It remains to be seen whether contacting Shueisha will do anything for Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments, but if you decide to contact them, it is important to keep things civil. Avoid witch hunting, as it doesn't help anyone.

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