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Titanfall goes RTS with the upcoming mobile game - again

Published: 11:13, 04 May 2017
Updated: 12:20, 04 May 2017
Titanfall 2

Nexon, Respawn and Particle City have teamed up once again to try and make a mobile RTS game set in the Titanfall universe. Titanfall: Assault will feature elements of a card game, as well as some fast-paced PvP action.

Nexon, Respawn and Particle City are returning to the world of mobile gaming with a different approach to the Titanfall formula. Respawn's shooter is getting a real - time strategy treatment, and it will be called Titanfall: Assault. Nexon will be in charge of publishing and the developer side of things is handled by Particle City and Respawn.

They are describing Titanfall: Assault as "fast and fluid real-time PvP mobile strategy game". You'll, of course, work on your very own army made up of pilots and titans, make it big and strong, and then send it to wreck your opponents in a "strategic objective-based PvP gameplay experience". 

Respawn Entertainment Titanfall Assault Titanfall Assault

The game will have some elements of the popular card games: "In Titanfall: Assault, players will put their RTS skills to the test as they collect, upgrade and assemble a deck of Pilots, Titans and tactical Burn Cards which provide powerful battlefield support."

Assault will also feature PvP gameplay across multiple maps: "The PvP matchups play out across different maps across the Frontier War and will require opponents to create and deploy their custom squad on the battlefield in order to outmaneuver enemy forces and win valuable rewards on the leaderboards."

Respawn Entertainment Titanfall Assault Titanfall Assault

There is zero mention of a singleplayer campaign or a story mode.

This is the second stab at the mobile game market, as Nexon, Respawn and Particle City already have a mobile Titanfall title in their past. was also a card-based strategy game, but it was cancelled just a couple of months after it was announced. Nexon and Respawn do have a multi-year, multi-game partnership agreement, so the Assault project may be the second, but it probably won't be the last attempt to break into the market.

Respawn Entertainment Titanfall Assault Titanfall Assault

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