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Ubisoft list changes coming to The Division 2 in next update

Published: 18:13, 03 April 2019
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The Division 2

The Division 2 is set to receive a first major update on Friday, 05 April 2019. The update will introduce a new stronghold named Tidal Basin, World Tier 5 and the game's first gear sets along with tweaks to weapon mods and skills.

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will introduce new stronghold to The Division 2 in the next update that is scheduled to arrive this Friday, 05 April 2019. In the latest State of the Game live stream, the devs talked about the new stronghold and some other, major changes that will be applied once the upcoming update drops.

The Tidal Basin is part of the Invasion - Battle for DC update and it's the final, endgame Stronghold. It's a military base where The Division 2's strongest faction Black Tusk is holed up. Massive say that the stronghold is around the same size as Roosevelt Island in the game.

Another major addition in the new update is World Tier 5. You will be able to level up your gear up to Gear Score 500 and Massive will also add a new Heroic difficulty level. Once you beat Tidal Basin, you will be automatically promoted to World Tier 5. 

Of course, all these changes to the game's difficulty require a fresh batch of high-quality items. These items are actually the game's first gear sets and there will be three of them. Massive did not share details about these gear sets and we'll have to wait for the update to see their bonuses and perks.

Furthermore, the update will make some significant changes to some of The Division 2's systems, skills and weapon mods in particular. Ever since The Division 2 released, many players reported that some of the game's skills require impossible skill power ratings. Massive confirmed that they reworked the system and once you log in on Friday, you should see a huge difference in required skill power rating.

As for the weapon mods, the majority of them got some tweaks that should offer more bonuses and fewer negative drawbacks. Sniper turret and some other skills received major revisions.

Now after you deploy sniper turret, an icon above the enemy your are targeting will appear and pressing the activation button will engage the targeted enemy.

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The patch will also bring some weapon balancing and Ubisoft and Massive should detail these changes in the upcoming patch notes.

The Division 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and you can check our thoughts on the game .

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