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The Game Awards will feature "true next-gen" games, says host Geoff Keighley

Published: 07:53, 11 November 2021
Updated: 07:56, 11 November 2021
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The Game Awards founder and host Geoff Keighley says that this years' show will have new game announcements in the double digits and some true next-gen stuff.

The Game Awards show is always packed with cool announcements and reveals and this year will be no different. You can expect to see plenty of new games and updates on already revealed titles from the biggest publishers like PlayStation, Xbox, EA, Ubisoft and others. 

It's safe to say that this year's show will be the biggest yet in terms of both game reveals and audience numbers since The Game Awards' viewership keep rising year on year pretty significantly. 

That's why Geoff Keighley, the founder and host of The Game Awards, promises true next-gen games as well as double digits new game announcements.

TGA Geoff Keighley, and The Game Awards logo. Geoff Keighley, the man behind The Game Awards.

Speaking in the most recent interview with Epic Games, Geoff stated that he expects the show to feature 40 to 50 games this year. The number includes both announced and unannounced titles.

He added that the number of new games being revealed at the show is in the double digits.

Speaking about the next-gen games, Geoff stated we'll get to see some pretty spectacular games at the show. "I think you'll see some [next-gen] stuff in the show that is truly pretty stunning," he said.

All in all, we are pretty excited to see the lineup for this year's show. Personally, I'm hopeful that we get to see Hellblade 2 gameplay and the announcement of Embark Studios' first title.

The Game Awards will air on December 9, 2021, at 8:00 PM EST / 02:00 AM CET. You will be able to watch it via the official social media channels, YouTube and Twitch. 

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