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Steam getting extended support for Xbox controllers

Published: 15:17, 05 January 2021
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Steam's Client Beta has been updated with extended support for four Xbox controllers, which includes rumble and key binding on Xbox Elite and Xbox Series X gamepads.

The client has been freshly updated with the extended support today, and players can find the option to enable it in Options>General Controller Setting. Note that this will require you to install drivers and restart your machine. 

Steam's extended Xbox controller support adds the following:

  • Support for more than 4 Xbox controllers
  • The ability to bind the Xbox Elite controller paddles in controller configurations
  • The ability to bind the Xbox Series X controller share button in controller configurations
  • Support for trigger rumble in games using Windows.Gaming.Input API

This should be great news for players who like Microsoft's gear but PlayStation 5 owners have not been left out. 

Steam's update allows players to enable or disable the controller LEDs on PlayStation 5's DualSense controllers. The default will be to keep the LED off until multiple PS5 controllers are connected. 

Wooting Two keyboards have also received support in this update, but the brunt of it has been reserved for bringing next-gen console gear to PC. 

Twitter Steam could add full DualSense support, including haptic feedback Steam could add full DualSense support, including haptic feedback

Interestingly, Sony have recently released official DualSense controller drivers for Linux , but the feature that sets them apart the most, unfortunately, didn't make the cut. Of course, we're talking about haptic feedback, which the company says require dumping too much data. 

You can find the Steam Client Beta patch notes here .

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