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Rainbow Six Quarantine leak: 12 maps, playable Siege operators, loadouts and more

Published: 08:11, 04 March 2021
Rainbow Six Quarantine screenshot showing combat
Rainbow Six Quarantine

Thanks to a recent leak on Reddit, we have a bunch of new information about Ubisoft's upcoming co-op shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine. The leak reveals gameplay details, customisation options and much more.

Not a lot has been said about Ubisoft's upcoming shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine. The publisher are yet to show us gameplay or set a release date but hopefully, that will be coming very soon. And while we wait for the official info, a new leak has surfaced on the Rainbow Six subreddit, revealing a bunch of new details about the game.

As always with these things, take it with a grain of salt until Ubisoft confirm it. The leak includes details about the number of maps, operators, matches, customisation, leveling and much much more. Check it out below:

  • There are 12 maps in total
  • Each match will last approximately 25 - 30 minutes
  • Most likely no respawns
  • Most, if not all, Operators from Siege will be playable
  • Similar customization to Siege (cosmetics/loadouts)
  • Each Operator will have a similar loadout as they do in Siege (same guns, gadgets, etc.)
  • Some ops special abilities will be modified (i.e. Vigil will become undetectable to enemies and Lion's drone scan will last significantly longer)
  • Each operator has an individual leveling; As you progress, you unlock REACT gear
  • Higher level means better guns and better gadgets
  • You can reinforce and barricade
  • There is an armour system similar to Siege
  • Health packs will be scattered throughout the map
  • If your operator "dies" in a match, then you will have to go rescue them in a separate mission in order to get them back
  • Scanning grenades are a secondary gadget that, when thrown, will scan and highlight enemies within a certain proximity, similar to Lion's drone.
  • UV flashlights will highlight enemies through a wall
  • Some enemy types will return from Outbreak, such as the Grunts and Breachers. New types will be added as well.
  • The enemies will look different than how they looked in Outbreak. They will be less like zombies and more like aliens.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Quarantine is currently in development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

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