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PSA: GTA E&E character transfer delets PS4 and Xbox One progress

Published: 05:30, 15 March 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Karin S95
GTA Online - Karin S95

GTAO progress transfer may not work the way players imagined it would as it basically forces them to choose one version to give up on.

Rockstar Games may have bungled the Enhanced and Expanded version of GTA Online as there are reports of players who are unhappy with the way character transfers work. In order to have their characters carried over to the upgraded version of the game, they have to completely wipe the progress on PS4 or Xbox One.

This is less than ideal as many players have formed communities on their respective platforms and refusing to abandon them would mean having to start from scratch on PS5 or XSX/S.

Furthermore, many players didn't consider the graphics update on top of the handful of new cars to be worth the price of E&E and having to give up their old characters only adds weight to that decision.

In the end, trying to entice console players with exclusive new vehicles only served to enrage the PC population as well, with car collectors being unable to obtain the S95, Weaponized Ignus, Cyclone II, Astron Custom or Arbiter GT. 

It remains to be seen how fast the community can build up on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S since there still aren't as many owners as there are of PS4 and Xbox One due to the worldwide shortage of hardware.

Besides, the new consoles are still fresh in their cycle and it takes time to build up install numbers.

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