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PS5 is apparently developer friendly

Published: 18:08, 28 December 2019
artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Render

PlayStation 5 is just about one year away from release which prompted rumours and all kinds of information scrounging. However, feedback from developers who used the dev kit probably offers the most precise info and it pertains to the console's ease of use.

Players didn't have the pleasure of testing out what PlayStation 5 has in store for them just yet but developers certainly did. Considering this platform is something that's still in development, it must have sounded flattering to Sony when developers told them that PS5 is easy to work on.

According to Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios' president, the feedback from game developers was more than positive. It appears the studios are impressed with the platform's ease of use and game development became that much easier. Some even claimed to have never worked on a console as easy to develop on as the next-gen PlayStation.

Yoshida confirmed this by on creating their games if they had to keep in mind the ways to overcome the difficulty of working with complicated hardware. Sony recognised this and are apparently actively working on making it as easy as possible to develop games for PlayStation 5.

This is also not the first instance of the Japanese company striving to make it easier for game devs as they had similar things in mind when making PlayStation 4 as well. 

Sony Picture of a Jet Black PlayStation 4 Pro next to a PS4 controller Each PS4 unit sold incurred a loss to Sony but not as much as PS3 did

Unfortunately for the future users, there is currently no info on what the new hardware will cost but if Sony's business model for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 are any indicators, we might be seeing prices for final users that are lower than what it cost to make the units. 

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