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PlayStation 5 and Unreal Engine 5 deliver a stunning presentation

Published: 15:56, 13 May 2020
Epic Games
Unreal Engine 5 on PlayStation 5
Epic Games, Unreal Engine 5 on PlayStation 5

Sony made a really good call in showing the first PlayStation 5 footage in cooperation with Epic Games, as we're having trouble deciding which one is more impressive - the console or Unreal Engine 5.

In case you didn't catch the special Summer Game Fest episode with Geoff Keighley, you can check it out above, just make sure you're sitting down. You'll have to rewind a bit by the way, as the show starts at the 45 minute mark.

There's no doubt that we're looking at pinnacle of engineering by both Epic Games and Sony, and the two make quite the team. 

The first piece of the Unreal Engine 5 puzzle that's is discussed in more detail in the video is Lumen, a dynamic solution for global illumination that offers realistic lighting at a fraction of hardware cost. 

Nanite is the second one, as it allows for film-quality models and assets into games. The polygon counts we're talking about here are insane and take a lot to render. UE5 makes it possible to render them with ease and even scale them from supercomputers all the way down to smartphones.

Epic's Tim Sweeney didn't miss an opportunity to compliment Sony's I/O capabilities, which he says allowed them to achieve such high degrees of realism. He even mentioned that PlayStation 5 is as capable as any PC, but he did ultimately say that they love all their babies the same.

Unreal Engine 5 rendering of cinematic-grade assets Unreal Engine 5 renders and lights cinematic-grade assets with millions of triangles

Sony's next presentation is tomorrow's State of Play, where they'll finally give us a proper look at Ghost of Tsushima. However, they specifically stated that there will be no talk of PS5, so this will have to do for now. We're off to look at cinematic rocks.

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