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Planet Coaster: Console Edition cruises onto Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PS4

Published: 12:01, 10 November 2020
Updated: 19:49, 10 November 2020
Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster: Console Edition is now available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 5 version of the game will be available from November 12.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition for the PlayStation 5 will be available from November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, and on November 19 in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

As a bonus, the pre-order incentive has been extended until 24 November, so there’s still time for players to get the Oswald’s Magnificent Machine.

The coaster park management game features a bunch of ways to play, including a fully-voiced tutorial where a friendly cast of characters help get players of all experience levels up to speed; a varied challenge mode with four different difficulty settings; and an in-depth career and sandbox modes.

The game's interface has also been given a fresh coat of paint so building and managing your park should be even easier.

Planet Coaster - Console Edition's controls have been newly optimised and now employ the gamepad, as well as a new radial menu that puts the most frequently used shortcuts in reach. On top of all this, there is also an always active panel granting the ability to make quick changes on the fly without disrupting the creative flow.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition adds hundreds of exquisitely crafted new blueprints. These pre-built items enable players to add anything from charming shopfronts to captivating coasters, while those looking to add their own creative spin to the situation can make use of the piece-by-piece construction feature.

The Frontier Workshop is a completely new sharing platform that enables players to share their creations with the world. Anything uploaded on a current-gen console can also be downloaded on its next-gen equivalent.

 The Planet Coaster: Deluxe Edition includes the base game as well as the Magnificent Rides Collection and the Classic Rides Collection, offering a total of 18 new rides and coasters inspired by some of the most iconic attractions from fairgrounds and theme parks around the world.

Frontier Developments Planet Coaster Planet Coaster

Players who purchase a digital copy of the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will be able to download the optimised next-gen version free of charge when it becomes available by logging on to their next-gen console with the account they purchased the game on. 

Those who opt for a physical copy of the game will be able to download the optimised next-gen version at no extra cost when it becomes available by inserting the disc into their next-gen console. 

Next-gen upgrades are not available for physical versions of the game if players have upgraded to PlayStation 5 Digital Edition or Xbox Series S.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition retails for a suggested retail price of £39.99 ($49.99/€44.99) for the standard version and £49.99 ($59.99/€54.99) for the Deluxe Edition across all consoles.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to download and play through Game Pass from launch. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will continue to be able to access Planet Coaster: Console Edition as long as their Game Pass subscription is maintained.

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