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PGA Tour 2K21 dev snapped up by 2K Games, gets Tiger Woods on board

Published: 17:14, 16 March 2021
2K Games
PGA Tour 2K21 screenshot showing celebrations
PGA Tour 2K21

HB Studios' excellent work on PGA Tour 2K21 couldn't have been crowned in a better way, as the studio was snapped up by 2K Games, i.e. Take-Two Interactive, and even got the big man himself.

PGA Tour 2K21 has been quite a success, so it shouldn't be surprising to see HB Studios become part of the 2K Games family. The publisher is also pleased, having found the studio that will carry the franchise onwards. 

2K Games' president David Ismailer summed it up pretty well, ""Through our new partnership and acquisition of HB Studios, we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to the PGA Tour 2K franchise, expanded on our successful independent studio model and invested in both the right people and resources to bolster our portfolio of world-class sports experiences."

HB Studios, on the other hand, should be delighted to get easily the biggest name in the golf world on board, as we reckon Tiger Woods isn't exactly easy to land. 

Woods has agreed for his name and likeness to be feature exclusively in PGA Tour 2K franchise, but his role apparently covers more than that. In addition to being the consultant, he'll be credited as executive director on the series, which would give the franchise even more weight if actually true. I mean, you can't get more credibility that your game is realistic than that. 

There was not talk about the sum for which 2K Games acquired the developer, but the Nova Scotia studio will retain their Lunenburg studio, which will now be known as Take Two Interactive Canada.

2K Games PGA Tour 2K21 showing gameplay PGA Tour 2K21

We guess you can already count on PGA Tour 2K22 coming with the name Tiger Woods, and it will be interesting to see how much he brings to the franchise.

PGA Tour 2K21 by 2K Games

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PGA Tour 2K21

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