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Overwatch Archives start date and two skins unveiled by Blizzard

Published: 19:21, 05 April 2021
Updated: 19:30, 05 April 2021
Overwatch - Mousqetaire Widowmaker
Overwatch - Mousqetaire Widowmaker

Blizzard revealed two upcoming legendary skins for Overwatch, tied to the next Archives event that is coming sooner than you might expect.

Overwatch Archives 2021 start date is April 6, 2021. The information came from the game's Twitter account so it doesn't get more official than that, meaning all the speculation and waiting is behind us now.

Blizzard didn't just reveal the event's date, however, as it was followed by two skin reveals, both of them seemingly in the legendary tier. One of them is Mousquetaire Widowmaker , part of which you can see on the image above. It was taken from the short Twitter reveal that shows her in one of the highlight intros but the quality of the video is not exactly top-notch. Despite the name, she is not wielding an actual musket but the model of her rifle has been changed significantly.

The other skin that was revealed is Bushi Genji. No, it doesn't have anything to do with his potential hair, the name refers to the Japanese name for "Warrior", which was often used for samurai. True to the name, the skin turns the cyborg ninja into a samurai, with an outfit consisting of heavy armour and a mask, worthy of defending the nation from the Mongol invasion.

Archives will last for three weeks, ending on April 27, 2021, meaning we are likely getting challenges each week, for three potential epic skin unlocks.

Overwatch Archives

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Overwatch Archives is Overwatch's annual event

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