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Overwatch Archives 2019 event start date announced by Blizzard

Published: 20:20, 08 April 2019
Picture of Tracer from Overwatch
Overwatch - Tracer

Overwatch Archives 2019 event will be called Storm Rising, will unfold in Havana, Cuba and it will kick off on Tuesday, 16 April 2019. It will once again reveal a bit of the organisation's history, through the eyes of a few team members.

Overwatch Storm Rising will feature Tracer, Winston, Genji and Mercy as the protagonists of the new PvE mission that will take a glance at the organisation's history from the time they were chasing after one of Talon's inner council members, Maximilien.

This particular Omnic is the one responsible for moving Talon's finances and according to Sojourn, the mysterious woman on the call with Jack Morrison, he could potentially be the weak link that could expose Doomfist's illegal activities that he kept under wraps.

Maximilien was also somewhat subtle in the takeover of both Don Rumbotico and Havana Sea Fort, but it appears Overwatch caught wind of this, prompting them to send a team in. Sojourn appointed Tracer as the team leader and mentioned the events of Storm Rising are happening after the King's Row Uprising.

Three out of four team members were featured in previous Archives events, with Winston being the one that is debuting. This also means he will get Overwatch-themed skin for the first time.

Technically, the same is true for Genji as his previous escapade was under Gabriel Reyes' command, where he was a part of the Blackwatch team. Therefore, this will be the first time Genji will get to wear Overwatch's blue and yellow uniform.

On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether Mercy and Tracer will get new skins. The latter is no longer a mere cadet she was back in King's Row, as , but there haven't been any significant lore changes between the two events that could cause Mercy to change her appearance that much.

Blizzard Moira, Reaper, McCree and Genji are standing in their Blackwatch skins. Overwatch - Blackwatch

More importantly for any fashionistas, those who were waiting to get Archives skins from previous years will presumably be able to get them at the price of 1,000 coins each instead of 3,000 they cost at debut. 

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