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Microsoft pulls out of GDC due to Coronavirus

Published: 23:31, 27 February 2020

Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2020 has lost a high profile participant due to Microsoft pulling out of the show following the health concerns prompted by Coronavirus outbreak. Microsoft has something else planned though.

Microsoft officially announced that they will not be attending GDC 2020 which is set to run from 16 through 20 March 2020. The reason is the Coronavirus which poses a health risk that is amplified by people crowding up.

However, the company's presentation will not go down the drain as they also stated it's going to shift to a digital-only event, Game Stack. According to the announcement , Game Stack will "feature the majority of [Microsoft's] planned game developer sessions and experiences, which will be streamed and available on demand".

While losing the opportunity to gain the industry insight in a face to face scenario is a loss on its own, having the presentations and other sessions available through the live stream is the next best thing. 

Learning about "the latest in cloud and game development technologies" is the first of the things on the table for those who are willing to tune in, along with the technical talks and developer demos.

Furthermore, the stream will feature a behind the scenes look into design adn development decisions from Microsoft-owned studios such as Double Fine, inXile Entertainment, Rare, Obsidian Entertainment, Undead Labs and more.

inXile Wasteland 3 artwork of rangers standing in percipitation looking all bzns Wasteland 3

Gaming for Everyone events will not be among the offerings, despite being originally planned as a part of Microsoft's program for GDC.

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