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Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date may be revealed soon

Published: 01:58, 15 October 2020
Mass Effect - N7 art by Euderion
Mass Effect - N7 art by Euderion

EA has not officially acknowledged the existence of Mass Effect Legendary Edition but multiple leaks pointed to it and now certain ratings are pointing to being close to a reveal.

Mass Effect fans hold November in their hearts as this is the month when their favourite franchise gets celebrated. The reason is the N7 day, which is happening on November 7 each year, as you might expect and this particular day was chosen due to its abbreviation fitting perfectly with the special forces designation of the Systems Alliance military.

Most of the major human names in the series served as N7 operatives, including Commander Shepard, David Anderson, James Vega and even Kai Leng.

Even though the in-game designation has nothing to do with November 7, as the "N" means "special forces" and "7" is the highest level of proficiency, it translated into a real-life holiday on that particular date.

All of this introduction is really just to show why EA and BioWare tend to reveal juicy stuff about the series on November 7 each year and 2020 might just be special since we already know Mass Effect Legendary Edition is in the works. 

The product got rated in Korea recently, hinting we could be looking at an announcement soon and with November 7 being just three weeks away, it is highly likely this is the date when the remastered trilogy will be unveiled.

BioWare Saren Arterius looking cool with his Geth henchrobots. Is this the real life or is it indoctrinated fantasy?

There were rumours that it should have been available already but bringing the original game up to graphical fidelity of the subsequent ones proved to be challenging and working from home didn't help the matter. Whatever the state of development may be at this point, it is highly likely we will get at least some information on N7 Day and the most optimistic among us may even hope for a release date.

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