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LoL Esports: LPL player could lose pro status over Platinum ranking

Published: 15:37, 18 June 2020
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League of Legends professional LPL player Teacherma is currently ranked Platinum on the Chinese Iiona solo queue server which could endanger his status as a professional player.

The professional League of Legends scene is usually stacked with players whose high-tier talent is usually reflected in their solo queue performance and rank.

However, there are always some exceptions like the popular season 5 World's drama with Cloud9's Balls who was ranked Diamond 2 in Korea at the time which raised some heated Twitter discussions in the game's professional community.

The most recent example of a professional gamer facing some unusual problems because of his low rank comes from a player called Teacherma who currently players for WE in the Chinese LPL. According to a Reddit thread, Teacherma's stream revealed that he's stuck in Platinum at the moment with a bunch of games to his name.

Apparently, a new rule has been implemented in the LPL at the beginning of this month where pro players are obligated to reach and maintain at least a Diamond 1 rank on China's Super Server before June 14.

He was allegedly warned by the league's officials that his professional status may be revoked which could result in him being unable to play in the LPL. His current squad, Team WE - formerly known as World Elite is doing pretty well at the moment with the third-best overall record of 7 wins and 3 losses.

Even though he averages negative numbers for most of the important statistics like creep, gold and XP difference at 15 minutes into the game, his contribution has been far from insignificant.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Galio splash art His most played champion in pro play is Galio

Many professional players have started to voice their opinions more often about this topic, saying that solo queue should not be the metric on how good a player really is.

Even Cloud9's star top laner, Licorice, has stated many times that he doesn't play that much solo queue because he thinks that it isn't a valuable way to practice, also adding that he would rather spend his time in the Practice tool or playing 1v1 in the top lane.

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