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League of Legends: Chemtech Drake will be disabled

Published: 23:25, 24 January 2022
Riot Games
Even more camouflage on the Rift with this drake, what can go wrong?
League of Legends - Chemtech Drake is coming back in style

The official League of Legends website has confirmed that Riot Games will disable the controversial Chemtech Drake which was added at the start of the 2022 Preseason.

When a team obtains the Chemtech Dragon Soul, they receive a buff that grants them a brief second life after they die. This buff is not unlike Sion's passive, with one key difference. Every ability that is off cooldown is available to the champion during this second life, with only some damage reduction applied.

However, in this current meta, where damage is off the charts anyway, how much of a difference does that really make? Especially so when you take into account that souls are usually taken towards the later stages of the game, where everyone has all of their core items purchased, and, more often than not, are level 16 with their ultimate leveled to level 3.

Not to mention, due to the fact that players know they are living on, literally borrowed time, there is no fear of death and will dish out all of the damage that they have, with no regard for their own safety, as none is needed.

Since its addition, the Chemtech Drake has been one of the most obnoxious parts of League of Legends. On their official website, Riot Games has confirmed that they will be disabling the Chemtech Drake.

Riot Games League of Legends - A perfect example of a balanced and a broken addition to the game League of Legends - A perfect example of a balanced and a broken addition to the game

This is the first time Riot has made such a drastic decision about one of the more significant aspects of the game and most players will surely welcome this change.

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