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LA Noire VR developer is working on a new AAA VR title for Rockstar Games

Published: 15:49, 06 July 2020
Rockstar Games
L.A. Noire to be charged at full price

Video Games Deluxe, a development studio behind L.A.Noire: The V.R. Case Files are hiring for their new project, which is a AAA open world title in VR.

It looks like Rockstar Games are set to expand their VR games catalogue with a brand new, AAA title, which will be developed by Video Games Deluxe, a studio which brought us L.A.Noire: The V.R. Case Files and the current-gen port of L.A.Noire.

Over at LinkedIn , the studio posted a message, stating that after hard work on L.A.Noire VR, they are now ready to start working on a brand new project. Here is the interesting part from the post:

"Having finished the critically well received L.A.Noire: The V.R. Case Files we are now gearing up for a new project, a AAA open world title in VR for Rockstar. 2020 marks our 7th year of working exclusively for Rockstar in Sydney and we are excited to taking on this ground breaking project."

Rockstar GTA V in VR would be a bit too much, right? GTA V in VR would be a bit too much, right?

They added that a number of job openings are currently available in their Sydney studio.

At the moment, we do not know what this new game is actually about but players are already joking that it is definitely GTA V in VR.

We doubt this is Rockstar's plan though and it will probably take some time before GTA creators decide to officially announce this project.

Right now, the company is reportedly working hard on GTA VI, which is rumoured to be coming in 2024.

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