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Is Pyro element overpowered in Genshin Impact?

Published: 11:06, 04 January 2021
Updated: 15:47, 04 January 2021
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A couple of interesting threads on the official Genshin Impact subreddit revealed that many players are unsatisfied with the game's balance in terms of elements, claiming that Pyro feels miles above the other six.

Genshin Impact's combat system seems very simple at first when you're fighting some random Hilichurls, but it gets much more complicated later on when you're required to combine some of the seven elements in order to break some strong shields or simply dish out more damage.

According to a couple of Reddit threads , Pyro seems to be the strongest element right now for two main reasons. First of all, in combination with some other elements Pyro has many of the strongest elemental reactions in the game:

  • Melt - in combination with Cyro (gives a 1.5-2x damage buff)
  • Vaporize - in combination with Hydro (gives a 1.5-2x damage buff)
  • Overloaded - in combination with Electro (AoE damage and can break Geo shields)

The second main thing is that out of all the elements needed for solving the open-world puzzles, Pyro is the one you need the most. So if you don't have a Pyro character in your main lineup, you constantly need to swap out one of your main guys in order to solve a simple puzzle and collect a reward. This does come as a surprise considering that the story for the two main regions so far, Mondstadt and Liyue, revolve around elements like Anemo and Geo.

Mihoyo A screenshot from the game genshin impact Is Pyro the strongest element right now?

Even the new Dragonspine region despite being covered in snow requires you to constantly light up bonfires in order to stay warm. In comparison with Pyro, some elements like Geo seem non-existent. Although we've seen a rise in Geo's popularity release of two new 5-star geo characters, Zhongli and Albedo, the element still seems underpowered. Mihoyo even announced a couple of buffs for Geo in the upcoming patch 1.3.

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