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Halo Infinite gets glorious cover art for Art of Halo Infinite

Published: 14:51, 27 July 2020
Dark Horse Comics
Art of Halo Infinite, closeup image of Master Chief
Art of Halo Infinite, closeup

With so much talk focusing on Halo Infinite's graphics, it's a relief to look at the more artistic side of things, like Dark Horse's Art of Halo Infinite, which just received the official cover.

The cover was debuted by our colleagues over at IGN, who got the first scoop from Dark Horse themselves. 

"343 Industries have given Dark Horse access to the art and artists who've brought Halo Infinite to vibrant, vivid life. It's all here in unparalleled detail, the heroes you've grown to love--the Master Chief, the brave soldiers of the UNSC, as well as the weapons, vehicles, villains and vistas--and of course, the eponymous and magnificent environments of Halo itself", the description reads. 

The Art of Halo Infinite description also contains a bunch of descriptions that have to do with the fidelity of consoles, which we found somewhat peculiar for a book on art. Oh well, the artbook can't be swamped with tweets, can it?

As we said before, the debate on whether Halo Infinite is the sequel we've been waiting for or just a substandard attempt at milking nostalgia-bucks is still raging. 

One thing's for sure - we haven't seen so many Sony fans interested in the opposing camp in a while. Unsurprisingly, many of them insist that Halo Infinite is not the standard to aim for, as some of their current exclusives boast equal, if not superior, visual fidelity.  

Dark Horse Comics Halo Infinite cover art Halo Infinite, cover art

On the other side of the camp are the arguments that the Halo Infinite footage we've seen is from January and firmly believe in Phil Spencer's underpromise-but-overdeliver credo. 

We suppose we'll know who was right once Halo Infinite launches but until then - we might as well enjoy the view. 

Thanks, IGN.

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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