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GTA Trilogy - The Definitive Edition list of achievements leaks

Published: 05:20, 15 October 2021
screenshot showing GTA Trilogy Remastered
GTA Trilogy Remastered could include GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas

Players will have quite a few things to achieve once the nostalgic GTA Trilogy TDE launches later this year as the list of achievements for three titles in one package is quite lengthy.

GTA Trilogy TDE achievements appear to have been fully leaked online. The list includes the achievement names, objectives and even the icons that will be seen once you pop each of them.

GTA III will have a total of 44 achievements, ranging from basic things like completing Luigi's Girls to milestones that are tied to very specific activities, like attaining rank 12 through Paramedic missions. Better get stealing when you see those ambulance vehicles.

Each game seems to have an achievement related to obtaining certain sums of money and they aren't too high since we've seen a multitude of occasions where that number was exceeded. For example, getting over one million bucks in Vice City is not that hard once you get your real estate purchases going.

One nostalgic part of Vice City that fans may or may not be looking forward to is the car recovery. In case you do them all for Sunshine Imports Auto Garage, you will get an achievement. Similarly, the RC helicopter mission will award one if you kill all the enemies with the copter's spinning blades. Vice City has the fewest achievements, with a total of 43.

San Andreas is the chunky child of the trilogy with 48 achievements and one will have you become chunky as well since it requires you to gain max weight with CJ. Munch those burgers and avoid workouts like the plague. Maybe you can even cosplay as El Grando Smokio that way.

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