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Gordon Ramsay talking about Twitch is the most Gordon Ramsay thing you'll hear

Published: 11:17, 03 January 2022
Dave Pullig/Twitch
"What the f*** is Twitch?" Ramsay asked
"What the f*** is Twitch?" Ramsay asked

"What the f*ck is Twitch?" asked the globally popular British chef Gordon Ramsay when one of the participants in his show said she is streaming her cooking on Twitch for a living.

To be fair, we didn't expect that Gordon Ramsay would be interested in gaming nor that he actually knows about gaming's biggest streaming platform. The man's a chef, a very successful one and his focus lies elsewhere, he doesn't have the time to enjoy the Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty and FIFAs like gamers do. 

So when he heard that one of the Next Level Chef participants is streaming her cooking on the mega-popular streaming platform Twitch, his reaction was the classic Gordon Ramsay reaction - "What the f*** is Twitch?" Ramsay asked. 

As expected, that line went viral and is spreading like wildfire within the Twitch and gaming communities on Twitter. Hilariously, Ramsay joined in, asking if he can get some lessons on what Twitch actually is. 

xQc offered free advice, promising to make Ramsay into Americas next master streamer to which Ramsay replied "You mean Next Level Streamer", advertising his show Next Level Chef. 

After many players and streamers shared the clip of his reaction to Twitch, Ramsay even changed his Twitter bio, which now states "Always near food....doesn't know what Twitch is". A man with a lot of sense of humour, to say the least.

Twitter Gordon Ramsay doesn't know what Twitch is Gordon Ramsay doesn't know what Twitch is

All in all, it remains to be seen if Gordon Ramsay team up with one of the popular streamers like xQc for some Twitch-exclusive content. It wouldn't surprise us if he held a special Twitch stream, where he shows gamers how to make a quick meal between the online matches. 

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